Am I Lost?

Have you ever felt lost? Lately I feel more and more lost as the days pass. My anxiety has been at an all time high. I hate that I’ve been struggling emotionally and mentally. Things that have once made me the happiest person; I’ve been steering away from. But I’m definitely trying to get back there.

I want to find writing and art enjoyable again. It’s only a matter of time and I know that but I want to find the person I was. I feel like the  happiness or unhappiness we feel is partly in our hands. We strive to do things that we believe will make us happy when they usually don’t. We do all the things we believe we are supposed to, to find our place in the world. I know all of this but I become lost at this part. I don’t know where my place is yet and that terrifies me a little.

Every morning when I wake up I tell myself, “get out of your mind. Go find out how other people live and think and before you find a place that is yours.” And everyday when I go out into the world, no matter which city I happen to be in, I try to live by this. I try to make every encounter memorable and every adventure worth it. I just hope it’s enough to help me find my place… I hope it’s enough to help me find me.


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