New York: Day 3&4

We paid a price for getting in so late after WICKED and dinner. Day 3 started out later than we originally planned. We were suppose to be up and out the door by noon. Unfortunately that did not happen, but the day was just as great. After we finally forced ourselves out of bed and dressed we went to Caffé Bene. 

Turns out this beautifully decorated place was located right next to Taszo. It was literally a three minute walk from our AIRbnb. We sat there for more than an hour looking back on photos over 5+ years.  It was probably the fastest hour that I’ve ever experienced. So many laughs, so many smiles, so many memories. 

We planned to spend the rest of our day in Harlem. After jumping on the 1 train we bought of movie tickets and then went exploring. But not before stopping in a convenience store to buy extra socks. A certain someone didn’t dress for the weather and feet got cold. ​

​We checked out a few tattoo parlors but had to race back to the theater. Beauty and the Beast was absolutely amazing. It was more than I had expected and of course we stayed through the credits just so we could hear Beaty and the Beast by Arianna Grande & John Ledgend

After the movies let out it was pretty late. We headed over to Chocolat Restaurant and Bar. 

The atmosphere was amazing. The music was 90 R&B, the lights were dimmed and the service was amazing. My drink of choice was a Harlem Belinni and her drink was a Tokyo Ice-tea. Both drinks were delicious and that’s were day 3 ended. We got home around 01:00 am and from there it was lights out. 

Day four was a very short day in New York considering our bus to leave came at 14:00. We decided to make the most of the time we had left in the city. After packing our bags and checking out of the wonderful airbnb we headed back towards lower Manhattan to Mischief Tattos. Along the way we stopped at Milk for breakfast. 

The chai lattes were amazing but he bagel bombs were ever better. It was like heaven within every bite. 

We really loved Micheif Tattoo and their work but ultimately decided not to get our tattoos there. Instead we walked down a few doors and got piercings. For me, and nose piercing and for her and web piercing. We were both satisfied and head to the greyhound to  part ways. I was headed back to Pittsburgh and her to D.C. New York showed us such a great time. I would definitely go back again. Maybe sometime soon? 


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