23 Years in the Making

It’s my birthday today. I am 23 years old and I say this with a full smile on my face. Truthfully, I am glad to see this day. I am proud of the 23 years that I have put into my life so far and who I am because of them.

It’s been an interesting journey, with each step being more challenging than the one before. When I look upon my life, I think about all of the significant moments I have been through. The lost of childhood friends, the relationships that made me change how I perceived the world, the years that I put my life on hold for others in my life. There have been opportunities that I have passed up and some that I have taken. I’ve gained a lot of wisdom along the way.

There have been many times in the last 23 years that I wanted things to end; but I’m here. I realize the good fortune I have in being able to say that. The things I am thankful for has nothing to do with possessions, I’ve come to know that I don’t find much value in material things. The many things I am thankful for everyone who has shaped my life for the better.

In this very moment I am extremely content with my life. To be honest this is the happiest I’ve been in a while. Looking back on the last twenty-three years there were a lot of failures and complications but without those moments I wouldn’t be the woman who I am today.

Each year I mark a new journey/past memories with tattoos. I’ve done this the past five years. This years tattoo has significant meant more to me than any of my other tattoos. I feel as if this tattoo in the particular will keep me grounded for ever. Grounded is where I feel the safest. In two more weeks that tattoo will come to life. 

Here is to being 23! Let the following years be just as great or even better than this one!


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