New York: Day 2

Just when I thought New York couldn’t get any better, it did. We started out venturing off in the neighborhood checking out local cafes for breakfast. Okay, we just got coffee because it was already close to 1 p.m in the afternoon. We found this small local cafe called Taszo. Taszo’s atmosphere was amazing. I had a Chai Latte and it was great even down to the almond milk froth.

Eventually we traveled down to Time Square. For us this definitely wasn’t a good day to do so. It was overflowing with a bunch of people in green. From what I know they were enjoying the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. The Disney shop caught my eye and once I walked through those doors I was in heaven. Every Disney movie I could think of was present in that shop. I wondered around until I came upon the perfect gift for my youngest nephew; a Maui t-shirt reading “You can’t trick a trickster”.  After shopping around a bit more we made our way to the MoMA.

I had been waiting for this since the day before. The MoMA tired me out, we headed back to the AirBNB to change for WICKED (and to nap, I love naps). WICKED was amazing. The energy, songs, and drinks made it a night to remember. (I’ll be doing a separate post on WICKED and it’s entirety.

Needless to say dinner was just as great. We came across this Italian restaurant, Cielo at the Mayfair. The staff were wonderful and attentive. I decided  to go with the Ravioli Con Salsa Di Funghi Selvaggi. This dish, a homemade cheese ravioli with fresh tomatoes in a wild mushroom cream sauce, was beautifully made. I topped this dish off with homemade shredded mozzarella cheese.

Meaningful conversation after a long hot shower helped turn the night in. There’s so much to do tomorrow, taking the opportunity for a great sleep to full advantage. Great things and more to come.



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