New York: Day 1 

Over the last few months I’ve been planning this trip to New York. Needless to say I’ve been so excited to just relax and make the city my home for a little less than a week. 

Most of the day was spent on a greyhound. Oh boy was it something. I am one of those people who gets antsy and fidgety once I sit still for a long period of time. So I had to entertain myself by making fun of my best friend and taking pictures while she slept awkwardly on the bus. 

My first day in the city was spent figuring out the crazy metro (very different from D.C.’s metro). ​


But once we figured it out there was no stopping us. We made it to our AirBNB to do a rushed change because we had to be back downtown to see Cirque Du Soleil: Paramour. 

Paranormal was absolutely great. Everything about it captured your full attention. Honestly this was one of the best Cirque Du Soleil show I’ve seen. Between the amazing aerialist twin brother flying high over the crowd and the amazing dancers wowing in every number I was amazed. There was a particular act where trampoline art was incorporated. It amazed me that all of these preformers learned this skill; in my opinion is was quite perfect. 

We ended our night by walking to a local ramen spot called Ippudo Westside. By far one of the best ramen places I’ve had the had the pleasure of eating at. The atmosphere was amazing and the staff was even better. I indulged myself with the Fries Soft Carb and the Karaka-Men with an additional poached egg. It was spicy, fulfilling and simply amazing. 

After heading back uptown we decided to turn in for the night. Day one of New York was everything great and more. Can’t wait to see what day two brings. Make sure to follow my Instagram and Twitter to keep updated. 


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