Red Haired Girl

The girl with long red hair seemed to know my soul

many years ago

I imagined a voice as smooth as butterscotch

skin as soft as velvet

eyes so beautiful my heart couldn’t stand it

We never met

Maybe in a past life

She became someone who helped past the nights

Everything about us, so simplistic

conversations and connection

Only something thought of from a story

Maybe a movie

how blessed was I

meeting, someone who understands

The way I see things

The world

The way colors move and how I wish I could see more

Love and how we all want that experience

Art and the meaning of life that I give it

sees my words as something more

The beauty that it has when it’s spoke elegance it had when it lingers

The red haired girl

Knew my soul

For her soul was much more

As I wish I could understand hers

The beauty it holds

The secrect still tell

Time is on my side

A path shortening

True devotion in a friend

I shall understand her soul

And everything that comes with it

She became my favorite book

The size of the story is lovely

The loudness of it, the intensity

Only she knew what it meant.

The red haired girl

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