Weather In You

Beautiful brown-eyed girl.

Your curls have a mind of its own.

Taking on the imagination of vines, as they work their way around

There will come a day were the fear of love will be passed among bodies.

Please don’t be afraid. There will come a day when our egos will play, double-dutching our way to happiness.

When our bones intertwine and become one and with time our love letters will spell out I o u eternity.

If we believe in true love why do we assume love is a game. Breaking down our souls, capturing our past thoughts in boxes.

I pray that we love enough to leave those past thoughts some wiggle room.

Those lonely thoughts exposed to light that will soak up the sun.

With our fingers laced so tightly.

We will feel the breeze not knowing it as the breeze.

We will feel the rain not knowing it as the rain.

We will feel the sun not knowing it as the sun.

The breeze becomes soft whisper we share during movies and dark nights.

The rain becomes the tenderness of the tears that drop doing joyous moments.

The sun becomes your smiles as it brightens my face.

Time will eventually be at a stand still.

Eternity doesn’t seem that far away.

Our bodies breaking down in the best way.

We’ve become dust dancing through the wind.

Dancing through cities on adventures waiting for the moment the breeze,rain and sun all become one.

Everlasting within the weather.


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