I Love to Work

When I say that I love working, I honestly mean it. Work has become something that people either try to avoid or complain about profusely. I’ve come to a point in life where the work I do is the things that bring me joy, the things that I love with all my heart.

Growing up my mother always told me two things: 1. Work twice as hard as everyone in the room. 2. make what you love, your passion, your job. I absolutely love her for instilling these things in me from a young age. Growing up what I loved at the moment I made sure I did the best I knew I could do. Whether it was science fairs, cheerleading or spelling bees I always made sure that I worked the hardest to my potential. The outcome majority of the time was great, but when it wasn’t I never got upset. For me that was the moment when I would go home and practice and try harder than before.

These have been the moments that I look back on when people tell me I work too hard or that I work all the time. I don’t work too hard and I don’t work all the time because I have to. I do it because  I want to. I made what I love the work that I do. Writing and art never seem like work anymore, well maybe when I’m on a deadline, but I enjoy every second of it.

I think about how much I love my work compared to my friends. A lot of them went into careers for the amount of money they make and financial security, but they aren’t happy. Recently, my friend of 10 years was telling me that he felt stuck in life. He said he was feeling stuck because although he was making the amount of money he wanted he was starting to get bored. Working anywhere between 8-10 hours a day wasn’t what he thought he would be doing with his life. I told him he should get back to his roots and start doing the things that he loved before.

Making your passion your job isn’t for everyone. I know. Just because it works for me doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. Some people will follow  the same path I did and grow to hate the things that they are most passionate about and love. On the other hand some people will go into a career and grow to love it.

At one point  I was one of those people. I would work so much that I started not to enjoy the things that I loved. Work consumed me in a very unhealthy way. Believing that if I didn’t work all the time the end product wouldn’t be great. Things were becoming too much to handle, I had to take a break. It was within the time that I took off that I realized that I wanted to work, that I loved to work, I just had to create the best space for me to do that. Giving my office/workspace it’s own space different than my bedroom really helped a lot. I had to find a balance that worked for me.

Working is always going to be something that I look forward to in the mornings. It is always on my mind even when I’m out with family or friends. I’ve learned to create a perfect balance. I know my reasons for loving to work, what are yours?

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