Podcast Coming…soon?

Over the last month I’ve had the idea to create a podcast. Honestly, this has been coming for a long time but I’ve recently decided to put things I motion. This podcast means so much to me, if it wasn’t for a recent rejection I wouldn’t have gone through with it. I’m not out of my comfort zone and I couldn’t be more happier.

This podcast is meant to showcase people that have found success in their respected career paths and how they got to the point that they are now. Every one in the world goes through struggles in order to reach their triumphs, including myself. I’m hoping for that this podcast goal helps ignite your fire and show you the life lessons learned from others, in order for you to apply them to your own life. Sometimes it success is built off of rejection, passion, and an unlimited amount of drive.

I have reached out to several people for interviews. One person has confirmed their involvement, one is interested and is out of the country (more updates about that later) and some have yet to reply. Either way I feel as though this will definitely be very successful and great learning experience for myself.

After a number of interviews are confirmed I will be bouncing from city to city, exploring and making the most of each day. I hope to take you guys along on this process. Initially I want the first episode to be me introducing the series and go all the way back to where things started, and take you through EVERY SINGLE STEP of my journey to where I am today. I have been through a lot in order to become the woman I am before you, and this is the episode that reveals it all. All the episodes that follow will be based along these lines as well.

When the time comes I will be releasing episodes every week!


C. Jaiter


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