The Five Year Promise

During our lifetime we make promises that aren’t always kept. Sometimes the circumstances in life prevent us from keeping them. I never thought that after five years this promise would be kept. I certainly remembered how this promise came about.

It was my senior year of high school and I was up late doing homework and on the phone with my best friend. For the past week she had been singing songs from WICKED the musical. Her favorite song in the moment was Popular. She had sang that particular song so many times that it will forever be printed in my memory. Honestly, I didn’t mind hearing her sing the song, well sing in general. Once she got pass the initial nerves she had such an amazing voice.

On this particular night she got very quiet. “Hey, what happened,” I asked. “I’m actually starting to like that song.” She then asked me if I ever saw WICKED. The answer was no, I haven’t. The year before I had the opportunity to go to New York with my grade but got injured very bad two weeks before. On that trip my class attended the play, I was kind of jealous. After hearing that I’ve never been, and with it being her favorite musical, she promised that one she wasn’t “a poor student” she would take me to see the play.

Last week, we were making plans for me to visit her again in D.C. this month. Those plans turned into us planning to go New York for my twenty-third birthday. I loved the idea. We both were so excited that we started planning our trip instantly.

One of her ideas, was to take me to see WICKED. The fact that she remember this just melted my heart but it was how she brought up us going during our upcoming stay that makes this one of my favorite memories to date.

“Lol well remember when we were 18 and I promised to take you to see Wicked? Tickets are reasonable on the 17th.”

– Tues, Jan 24, 15:32

My heart exploded! I couldn’t believe what I had just read. After the shock came tears, happy tears. See, our friendship has always been different and sometimes difficult. We would fight and stop talking for months but ultimately we would be right back were we started. After so much that had happened over the years I honestly thought she forgot about this small promise.

Needless to stay, I am very excited about this trip and everything she has planned. Promises are such a wonderful thing especially when both parties remember it and the significance behind it. March 17, 2017 a five year promise will be kept and lived out in it’s entirety.




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