Tuesday’s Fitness

Tuesdays are my leg day (Glutes, Hamstring concentrated). Leg day is absolute my favorite days to workout being legs are my strongest muscles. My workout goes as followed:

Straight Leg Deadlifts   4 x 10


  • Rope Pull Through  4 x 12
  • Good Mornings  4 x 12

Single Leg Cable Kick Backs 4 x15 ( each leg)

Walking Weighted Lunges 3 x 30 steps

Hack Squats  4 x 10

Hamstring Curls 3 x 15

Natural Glute Hamstring Raises 5 x15 ( or until exhausted)

Post Lift – on day such as leg day I always do my workout in the morning when the gym first open ups. I go back later in the day to do cardio.

Cardio: 45 minutes Steady State Cardio (incline treadmill or stairs.)


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