Monday’s Fitness

Monday’s are my shoulder, bicep and triceps workout. Monday’s are typically my hardest work out days. Not because of the movements I do but because of the mental factor. Sundays are my active rest days which I enjoy so much, so when Monday comes around I need a little extra push to make it into the gym. So to get me a little push and energy I take some pre-workout. Right now my choice of pre-work out is the watermelon warhead flavor from Ghost.


  • Shoulders Flies    6 x 15
  • Bicep Curls    6 x 15


  • Arnold Press   5 x 7
  •  Triceps Extension    5 x 10


  • Front Plate Raise    4 x 10
  • Tricep Rope Pull Downs    4 x 10


Post Lift  – Post lift I always do cardio. The type of cardio I do depend on the workout for the day. On day’s that I do Arms and Abs I always do HIIT Cardio.

HIIT Cardio: Sprints for 15 minutes. [Sprint 1 min, walk 1 min until 15 minutes is up. 3 min cool down.]


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