A Letter for Love Story

Dear Love Story,
I chased after you as if you were the only thing to keep me alive. The vivid memories that turned into words, pages upon pages to relive. Happiness seemed like a distant memory. And you had seemed to last forever. Forever in my head, life became such a fairytale. Reality didn’t seem like much and you were my escape. Pages upon pages I got to relive.
You were good to me. Good to me without exception. For that I will uproot the earth from its space in existence, sling it on my back, and bring it to you if you should so desire.
I grew older and experienced a lot. With you by my side it became easier to discern what was worthy of being kept and what could be released. It definitely took some time though.
Time is a reoccurance for us. First we didn’t have enough time, time seemed to go to quickly. Then time was all we had. The endless hours, days and weeks we spent together was way more than we needed. It became unhealthy. It was tome for us  to spend time away from each other.
Months went passed and it was something well needed. I cleared my head and my heart. After time away I looked at you again. You taught me a lot. I’m in the space now where I’m investing in productive relationships that can go somewhere. I’m proud of me  for allowing myself to be loved properly and with care. i’m proud of having standards and realizing a lot of people’s bullshit are a reflection of themselves, not me.
I’ve chased and fought for a lot of things that were not good for me because I was not good to nor did i care about myself. I remember dreaming of you. Letting the things I experienced mix with my wildest dreams. I built you into something that was just as much apart of my imagination as it was real.
I’m proud of our story. Mostly, I’m proud of myself for freeing my heart of regret to make room for what I deserve: happiness.
Loving you forever from a distance.

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