Goodbye 2016

Over the past week I’ve seen a bunch of post about how horrible 2016 was. Yes, 2016 was really not that great but there has also been a bunch of good that came out of the year. With this being the last day of 2016 here is a recap of all the positive and life changing moments of my year.

  1. I began to write again.
  2. I found my HAPPY.
  3. Grew to realize I am beyond what has “happened” to me.
  4. I spoke out on past struggles and abuse which in the end made me a stronger person.
  5. I cut my hair off.
  6. I made it to 22.
  7. I met some of the most best and important people in my life.

Everyday I’m growing into the woman I want to be. I’m loving myself more and more each day, which is something I couldn’t say before. 2016 has been filled with many more downs than ups but it has made me stronger as the days past. I’m looking forward to 2017 and what the world has in store for me and my journey.

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