Failed Dreams???

Lately I feel like everyone goes through the struggle of following their dreams or sticking to something safe. I’m in that predicament myself at the moment. Over the past few months I’ve been actively pursuing my dream. Before I go any further I guess I should say what my dream actually is.

For the longest time I wanted to start a business. My dream business is to create a media studio to allow other artist and creators in my area get their first stepping stone. In the area I live in there have been multiple times where I applied to get an installation in a local gallery and every time they would tell me “your work is great but we are looking for artist with more experience”. I always wondered how can anyone get experience and a show when everyone is saying the same thing. My business will allow creators to have a place to be able to produce and show work. It allows for that first stepping stone that most struggle to get to. This studio would ultimately allow all creators to sell. produce, and allow for collaboration with other artist..

Now, I’ve been working on this for almost half a year. At the beginning of this summer I was really excited and determined to do so much. I started a business plan and almost completed it. I was looking into graphic designers and business managers; everything seemed to be going great. There was even a point where the work was being to be too much so I had someone come in and help me, of course they got paid. But that is where my problems began. The person I hired was an all around great person but their work ethic was very poor. There were important task that had a deadline never seemed to get finished. I felt that if we both had an office space where I could monitor the work then all would be fine. I went out of my way to find multiple spaces and it seemed all was coming together. The day I went to sign the papers and put down a deposit that person decided to quit. It broke my heart. I became really discouraged and decided to take a break.

It was that break that lead to me beginning to give up on something that I wanted to do. I was allowing someone and past events to be a reason to give up. Yes, it’s hard work and things don’t always work out the way I want them too but I shouldn’t have allowed that to stop me. Now, in this moment I’m at a point where I want to pursue this more than ever. Working on this solo might be what I need to do in the first place. I know I will eventually need to bring other people into this but as of now putting my all into this idea to develop.

But these last few weeks have definitely made an impact on how I view everything. I don’t believe I’ve worked so hard on something before. I’ve been actively making plans and doing the research I need to do. This has seriously been the best experience I’ve gone through. There have been many things that I’ve given up on the past couple years but I don’t want this to be one of them. My dream for this business has just been an idea for so long. I had the courage to take the steps to make it more than an idea and I want to have the courage to see it through fully.

Even if it doesn’t work out I will be so glad that I pursued this business.




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