Why I Blog

Sometimes it feels like life is an endless road of wanting to be accepted.  With the pressure from family and friends to do great and succeed a not so pleasant reality sets in that. I remember the first blog I started. Excuse My Truths, started in 2012. At first it was kind of journal but it quickly moved into something more. Before I knew it I had more readers than I expected. There was a world of inclusion that I created. The material, conversation, feedback… it was all so amazing. Over the three years that Excuse My Truths lived it was a big community of acceptance. Life got in the way, I had to grow up a little faster than expected and my little world of acceptance had gone away.

After life became less complicated Everlasting Mind was born. My blog has become an outlet for me. To be able to create a community were acceptance and inclusion are the foundations make me happy. We strive to keep this dying art form from going extinct against the easily ingested and accessible media. I understand it all too clearly, we all need social media, different online medias and televisions to past the time. We all want that motivator to create inspiration, and that happens to be mine. I found the inspiration that would force we to write on a regular basis.

I think in many ways blogs are windows into our hearts. We allow many strangers to see our feelings, emotions, and personal stories because we feel the need to share. Pressing the publish button and posting our stories we fear and hope that someone somewhere will care enough to read it, care enough to respond. We hope that a simple like or response back will somehow matter. We have the ability to control what we write at our own speed. Posting every hour, every day or even once a week to once a month it doesn’t really matter. I think what really matters is the meaning of the content that we send out.

Blogging has opened my eyes to many things. One fact that I’ve come to find is that it is a good thing for us to have a social fingerprint. Ultimately it doesn’t matter how big that social fingerprint is, it matters that we allow ourselves to followed and liked by people. It allows people a little comfort to know that there are people out in the world that care about what we are doing even though they haven’t met us in person. I believe all creators no matter what the platform is (blogging, YouTube, Twitter etc.) go through the same thing.  Creators can easily forget that we have a voice and that voice is as powerful as the engine you put behind it. Weather it’s speaking to five or five thousands people we have a voice that can impact the people who decide to listen. I blog because the stories that I share, my experiences, my mistakes can help someone in their journey.

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