This weekend I came across a bunch of old stories that I started writing. I can’t believe I never finished some of the stories that I started. A lot of them have potential. This one in particular is my favorite. I remember writing this and I know exactly where I want to take it. Hopefully you guys like that start of it as much as I do.  

The days of summer slowly went pass. Filled with the smell of barbecue, ice-cream, fireworks in the night, and societies crimes and misfortune. Lonely nights passed with sorrow and doubts of the days to come. Reality was setting in and school days were approaching, soon the only thing left to do was sleep.

Sixteen-year-old Haley stood in the street, wonder in her eyes as the sun began to set turning the orange sky black. In a daze, thinking about her time in the land of nothings. A car came to a screeching halt and snapped her out of her longing daze. “Hey, are you trying to get yourself killed kid?” a man said as Haley starting walking toward the sidewalk.

“Keep out of the street,” he yelled pulling off in a hurry.

Haley’s friends, Jasmine and Taylor, who were sitting on the curb watching  her in her longing daze began to laugh. Doubling over in pain from laughing so hard they began to stand up. “So, Haley, what are you always thinking about when you zone out,” Jasmine said trying to catch her breath and still laughing.

Looking over at Jasmine, Haley continued to walk down Fifth Avenue. The darkness crept up on them. The sun disappeared. The night began to set in, swallowing the shadows of everything. Taking life from the summer days and trying to give the night a chance.  Walking faster and faster Jasmine and Taylor began to leave Haley behind.

“Haley, you need to hurry. You know if you aren’t home by a certain time your mom isn’t going to like it,” Taylor said worried.

“Well, if she doesn’t like it, it shows that she cares enough for my safety right?” Haley barked back.

“Look we all know that being a smart ass isn’t going to help the situation. Don’t be stupid, just hurry up and make it home on time.”

“You see. I would do that, but then it would mean I would have to care enough to be there.”

Taylor and Jasmine turned to each other in amazement. They both knew what would happen if Haley  came home late again. Convincing Haley to do the right thing always took more work than either one of them signed up for. Haley was a rebel wild-child, she did whatever she pleased and made it known that what others thought wasn’t important.

It wasn’t completely her fault. Coming from a world where she had to take care of herself to survive took a toll on her. Her mother and father had gotten in a car accident when she was only eight. Haley’s father died at the scene and after that her mother became another person. She began to drink her feelings aways and pop her struggles. Within the next year Haley’s mom was a constant addict. When Haley’s mom was drunk or high, Haley called her Monster. Monster was her alter-ego, she was the hidden person that came out at the worst times.

Birthdays, parties, and school performances became the stage for Monster. Showing up strung off of whatever she could get her hands on became a regular thing. These became her stage and Monster was willing to perform. Coming in late, as always, and causing a big scene, only to get herself kicked out and child services sent to her home. After each visit Monster would go on a rampage accusing Haley of telling her teachers. That’s when it all began. The arguments grew louder, then came the strikes. Haley would get hit with anything in arms reach. Belts, cords, cooking spoons and when Monster couldn’t find anything her fist always worked.

Haley never told anyone of the things that happened during the nights that Monster was released. Suffering bruising all over her body, Haley learned to take care of herself. Nursing wounds that spread over her body, cringing at the sound of the front door, and worrying what tomorrow was to bring Haley began to think for her.

Haley still walking her slow and steady pace went back to the middle of the street. Walking down the yellow line as if it was a balance beam.

“Hale we will see you tomorrow at 9 right?” screamed Taylor from a block up.

“Only if you guys come to wake me up.”

“We always have to wake you up. It’s called an alarm clock, use it kid,” Jasmine screamed as they ran off.

Haley stopped in the middle of the road, she pivoted to the left and stared at the bright blue house in front of her. She stared for what to seem like hours. Looking around and noticing the lights were off, the car gone, and it was quite. She began to walk up the steps, each step creaking with the weight of her feet shifting back and forth. Reaching for the door she slowly placed her key in the keyhole and turned it. Pushing it fully open before stepping in Haley knew she was safe for now. She walked in turned on the hall light and shut the door.

She made herself a sandwich and sat down on the couch and turned on the tv. She began to feel herself drift off into a deep slumber. Before she could reach the beautiful slumber clouds she sat up on the couch turned off the lights and tv and moved slowly toward the door and locked it. Climbing the mountain of steps to her bedroom Haley stopped and looked at the door. The door began to rattle then she heard the keys enter the door and the door push open. Monster waltzed through the front door oblivious to everything in sight. She took her coat off and threw it on the floor, then her boots, and same with her socks and shirt. Falling over the coffee table she climbed on the couch, turned on the tv and within seconds she was gone.

Haley continued to climb the steps, chuckling every step she took. As she got to the top of the steps she took one last look down before she went to her room. Walking in the room she jumped on the bed, got comfortable and the deep slumber start to set in. The deep slumber consumed her and she drifted off willingly. Sleep.


A green field of daffodils  appeared. Daffodils consumed every part of her as she laid in the middle of the field. The sun beamed down glistening on her skin, turning her a golden brown. A blacken figure started to move towards her and she extended her hand. The figure stopped, looked at her hand and began to back up.

“Wait, who are you” Haley said as she popped up quickly.

The figure continued to walk away. The field of Daffodils began to wither away. Life began to leave the wonderful green field that she once laid in.

“No no no no. Please I need to know what’s going on.”

The green field was gone; in it’s place a black river began to form. The water slowly drifted towards Haley’s feet. Grabbing her feet and pulling her legs with it’s strong hold, Haley began to feel herself fall deeper in the water. The ground beneath her began to give in and the water controlled her body.

“Please help me,” Haley shouted. “please, I’m begging you.”

Hands emerged, made of water, grabbed her neck. Haley, panicked and try to pry the hands away. Her fingers slipped through the water. Choking Haley managed to wake herself up.

Monster stood over her with her hands gripped tight  around her neck. Haley tried to speak but the look of monsters eyes scared her more than ever. Haley grabbed her hands clawing and ripping away at them. Monster looked at Haley and finally let go. Sitting in the corner near the door, Monster sat and stared at Haley laying on the bed trying to pace her breathing.

Jumping out of the bed, Haley stood there wondering if she try to leave the room. As she looked at the door, Monster stood up and slammed the door leaving her, Haley and the dim light alone in the room.

“Have a seat you aren’t going anywhere,” Monster screamed.

“Why, are you doi-” Haley tried to get out.

“Do you think I’m stupid. I see everything Haley, you are the reason that this is happening. Don’t try to make this about you.”

“What are you talking about, you are going crazy”

“You will sit there until I say you can move.”

Haley looked at her in with hate burning in her eyes. She started running toward the door; Monster sprung up and pushed her. Flying into the wall Haley laid there , not making a move. She began to tremble in fear, scared of what was to come next she closed her eyes. Laying in silence, her eyelids turned from bright yellow to black. She opened her eyes to find her alone in her room once again.

The kitchen cabinets began to rattle, pots were being thrown. Haley knew she was downstairs looking for something to drink or her stash of drugs. Her screams carried upstairs. Haley knew that it was time for her to get out of the house as fast as she could. Knowing Monster would be upstairs soon because she can’t remember what she did with her stash last time; she threw her clothes in a bag. Going through every dresser tossing clothes in her bag, she moved faster with each item. Finally, she had all the clothes that she wanted. Haley flung open the window and threw her bags out.  She began to climb down the side of the house to the garage when she remember she left something.

Taking back off up the side of the house Haley climb inside of the window, sprinting over to her dresser she grabbed a locket her dad had given her for her seventh birthday. She could hear Monster outside of the door and she took to the window. Placing the locket in her pants pocket so she wouldn’t lose it; she began to climb out the window. It was too late, monster had caught her. There was Haley holding on to the window sill looking into monsters eyes when the window came crashing down on her fingers.

Haley  fingers began to snap, one by one they slipped out and she fell on top of the garage. Her body hitting the cement roof of the garage woke the Brown’s who lived next door. The light in the upstairs bedroom turned on and a head appeared out the window.

“Call 911,” a man shouted. “ The girl is on the garage.”

“Thanks,” whispered Haley before she drifted off.

“Green grass and daffodils, green grass and daffodils,” unfamiliar voices sang.

Haley opened her eyes and looked around. She was in the field again. A circle of people formed around her. She knew everyone there. Jasmine, Taylor, Cassie, the Brown family and her dad. It was there bodies but they didn’t seem like themselves.

“Green grass and daffodils, green grass and daffodils. Where you lay is where you stay. Wake up it will be ok.”

The group repeated this over and over until Haley stood standing in the middle of the field. Looking throughout the circle she started to get dizzy. Falling in the field everything started to wither away and the sun day went black. She was waking up again.

Opening her eyes, paramedics peered down on her. She tried to move but she couldn’t. Being restrained by the buckles on the stretcher she began to panic.

“You have to calm down and stay still” said the paramedic. “Moving is only going to make the pain worse.”

“Why are you taking me, I’m fine!” she pleaded.

“Haley you need to be treated. Once we get you in the back you will be seen in no time.”

Looking around Haley noticed everyone on her street came out to witness the commotion. She looked to the left and seen the police running in and out of the house. As she was being lifted into the ambulance she noticed the car was gone. The ambulance doors went to shut but someone stopped them. A lady climbed in, shut the doors, and looked down at her.

“I’m Detective Perry. I’ll be riding with you to the hospital and taking your statement on what happened tonight”

Haley couldn’t do anything but stare. There was something about her presence that left her speechless. The ambulance started moving and Detective Perry sat back and looked at Haley. Her long brown hair covered most of her face leaving the other half to glisten in the light. Haley knew that Detective Perry reminded her of someone, she just couldn’t remember who. The siren of the ambulance came to a stop and so did it. The doors swung open pushing wind inside. The cold caused Haley to wince in pain. Pulling her out on the stretcher they pushed her inside the hospital. More people joined the sides of her. She began to see blurs and they began to run faster. The light became a constant shine.

“Haley come on; Stay with me Haley” the doctor shouted as she drifted off.

Darkness formed around her. The grass that was once green turned gray, the Daffodils limp with death and she laid semi lifeless in the middle of the field. The dark figure appeared again. Walking slowly towards her, limping along. As the figure approached her she began to recognized the face. It was her. How could appear as two different figures, she thought.  She approached herself limping, grabbing her hand she stared into her own eyes.

“Listen, you are me. I am you. But there is a big difference. I am what you can potentially become. You can change this you just have to learn what’s right for you.”

Haley wasn’t understanding. What did this other her mean? The figure disappeared into the darkness and the light began to grow. Sitting in the field Haley began to lay down, wondering what else was to come of this. Making a pillow from the grass that laid around her, she placed it under her head. Closing her eyes, her eyelids began to glow bright like a flame.

Slowly opening her eyes, Haley looked around with caution. Laying in a bed with wires hooked up to her she began to panic. Ripping the cords off of her, she began to sit up. Pain bursting throughout her body. The alarm was sounded; nurses and doctors began to  rush in. They grabbed Haley, everyone began to talk at once. In pain, Haley stop fighting back. Tears began to form in her dark hazel eyes. She laid back and a waterfall of tears poured down her face.

“Haley, do you know why you are here?” said Doctor Kennedy. “We rushed you in a while ago, you need to stay calm or you will hurt yourself even more.”

“Why am I here? Why can’t I just go back home?” Haley began to shout.

“Haley you were found on top of the garage. The fall did some serious damage to your skull and your arm is broken.”

“What fall, I didn’t fall”

“Your neighbor’s witnessed the fall. Haley you have to stay here for observation, and when you are up to it there is someone here to talk to you.”

“I don’t want to talk to anyone, my neighbors are lying, and I want to go home.  I  can’t stay here. My m…” Haley stopped in her tracks.

“What were you going to say,  remember we are here to help you.”

Silence filled the room. Haley sat back and looked among the people who sat among her. For a change all eye’s were on her. They wanted to know what she knew. She was the answer to the questions that they had. Yet, she wasn’t willing to talk. Haley sat back against the pillow and the tears started to pour again.

“Let’s give her some space.” Doctor Kennedy said leading everyone out the room.

The room emptied out. One by one the nurses and doctors left, taking one last look at Haley before walking out the door. The last person out closed the door and Haley began to feel like she could breathe again. Looking around the strange hospital Haley notice one person remained. Sitting in the far corner of the room Detective Hannah Perry sat. The lights were dim, her long legs crossed one another and she glared. Haley began to fidget in her hospital bed, playing with the strings of her hospital gown, she tried not to look at Perry.

Detective Perry stood up and pulled the chair alongside the hospital bed. Sitting in the chair backwards Detective Perry grabbed Haley’s sweaty hand and began to talk.

“Haley do you remember me? I rode to the hospital with you.”

“Yea, I remember you, what do you want?” Haley responded.

“You know that I’m here to help you right? I only wa..”

Haley rudely interrupted. “I’m 16 not 6, cut to the chase. There is no need to beat around the bush. Ask want you want to know so you can leave already.”

“How do you know I want to ask questions and leave?”

“What person in there right mind wants to talk to a messed up kid all day. Don’t try to play games. I know you guys are dying to find out what happened.”

“What if I do want to sit and talk to you all day, would that be a problem?”

“See, this is what I am talking about. You are all the same.”

“Who is all the same Haley, talk to me.”

“You professionals. Your job is to come and make people think that you care. Once we give you the answers that you want you up and leave. Don’t try to play stupid. You can sit here all you want, I’m not talking.”

Haley sat back, glanced at the ceiling and found a spot to stare at. Detective Perry was astonished, this girl who needed the most help was refusing it. Perry stood up turned the chair around and sat backwards. How could Haley be so strong willing, not wanting help and to do it herself?

“Well I’ll just sit here then,”said Detective Perry. “Maybe you will get tired of seeing my face and  just talk to me.”

“Trust me lady. I can sit here and look at your face without caring.”

Standing up Detective Perry grabbed her coat and left. Haley was shocked; she gave up so soon, Haley wasn’t expecting that. Turing over Haley placed her head on the velvety pillow. Holding it tight, tears began to fall; a waterfall form and caressed her face as it streamed down to her chest.

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