Two Weeks of Self-Care

Two weeks ago I found myself to be super stressed out. I was working on a bunch of things and the outcome just wasn’t what I wanted them to be. I found myself sitting at my desk for hours after work not being able to write or draw.

“What is happening to me?” I thought. I hadn’t had a writers block in so long I forgot how frustrating it actually was. Of course that didn’t stop me from trying every morning. I couldn’t produce anything that was remotely coherent. Everything at this point became frustrating, including social media. Finding myself constantly checking social media, I became frustrated. It was at that point that I decided to take some time just for me. No social  media, no forcing myself to work, no becoming frustrated with the little things.

I was mentally drained. I couldn’t put together a proper sentence without stresseing. I had to do something my mental state was at risk.

On the 13th I decided to unplug. I signed out of all of my social media (Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.). All of my art supplies went in my closet. Disconnecting had to be the best thing I’ve done in months.

Over the next two weeks I found myself becoming more content with where I am in life.  I started doing things that I would make excuses not to. Ultimately I feel so much better. I started this thinking that it would only be for a week but of course I was wrong. My first week was great.

I found myself going to the gym every morning after work and finding time in the day to do 15-30 minutes of yoga/ stretching. It didn’t even seem like a chore. I found  myself looking forward to going. Making healthier meals then became something that I preferred. Cutting out pop and sugary snacks made me feel more energized during the day.


Self-care walk turns into great photo-op.

Inspiration is something that I found so much of. Podcast became to my go to whether it was going to or from work, talking my daily walk, or just having a little extra time to past. The podcast I found myself listening to were:


  1. Making Oprah
  2. Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amotuso
  3. The Friend Zone

There are many more but those were my close top three. I also found myself listening to my “self-care” playlist. So many genres, so many conflicting artist, but such an amazing collective sound. (I’ll be posting the playlist later this week.) Books also found their way back into my daily routine. But not e-books. I went to an actually book store to get books, for me to be able to read a book I need to hold it, plus my eyes aren’t the greatest. Two of my favorite books that I read (you should totally read as well) were The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison and The Adventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae.

The second week of self-care came about when my body thought it was such a great time to get sick. (It really wasn’t though.) I found myself laying in bed for the next four days, feeling like crap, but also allowing myself to keep experiencing the great things I discovered the week before. For doing such a great job at taking care of myself I treated myself to ice cream, and it was great. I didn’t indulge as much as I thought which made me proud but I did have a nice serving of my favorite flavor, caramel apple pie.

By the end of the second week I recovered all my art supplies from my closet and had the urge to get started. I logged back into my social media, I scanned through some post on Instagram and found a picture of one of my biggest inspirations, Shameless Maya. I pulled my office chair into my desk and began to sketch without hesitation, It was the first time in months that I found myself sketching because I genuinely wanted to. It felt amazing to have a finished product that I was one-hundred percent satisfied with.


Sketch of Maya Washington aka Shamless Maya.

Even though this was a quick sketch it turned out so great. As an artist I find myself being my biggest critic no what what form of content I’m creating. This time was different, this time I was overly proud.

After this experience self-care will definitely be apart of my regular routine. Within those two weeks I became to see that my mental health was just as important as my physical health.



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