Imagine Love

I imagine your feet brushing against mine in the morning way too often

the Eskimo kisses when I had awaken and the fighting to get out of bed seemed like a war

coming home to you always made a tough day worth it

ending it with kisses down my spine

my waist in a hold that not even the strongest could break


the good times when love was in the air

the air smelling of white roses and desire

white roses desire and belonging

things had gotten strange

I hope you let me touch you

I believe my hands are full of the right intentions

the brush of my fingertips are against your body leaves a trail;

a trail of words

each word forming a sentence that becomes our story

the story with a realistic ending

we no longer touch

my fingertips beg for your existence

the depressing life of my lonely feet with nothing in the morning to keep them company

my spine aches after those tough daysa

aching for the kisses that once laid upon it

the white roses have faded, I’m trying hard to feel that security.

danger has sadden my body

my body has began to slowly die

sad deaths does not exist

we do not exist, the life that was once here is just a myth

a grand story to tell

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