Dear America….

I sit here and write this letter with such a heavy heart. When I found out this morning at 2:37 that Trump was the president elect I cried. The tears that fell upon my face were not tears of joy. They were tears of disappointment, betrayal and disgust. 

As a young gay woman of color I believe everything Trump has said up until this point has disrespected how I identify myself. He said in his speech that “I will be President for all Americans.” How is that possible? He’s mocked the disabled. He’s disrespected women (every chance available ) and with him in power LGBTQ+, muslims, immigrants and many more have no chance. 

Since the announcement of his campaign I’ve feared that a lot could change if/when he became president. I wasn’t wrong. A lot has changed before he was even elected. Donald Trump is a racist, sexist, and narcissist. He has spiked hate crimes against Muslim and emboldened white supremacist. He’s even gone as far as saying that talking about sexually assaulting a woman is just locker room talk. As a young woman who as been sexually assault this is very triggering. This alone opens an entire door to tell people that sexual assault is okay. 

Trump talks about POCs as if we are uneducated, poor and in desperate need of a narcissist to lead them. We don’t. Black women are the highest precent of people for college enrollment and that makes me so damn proud. POCs have been building and succeeding in so many things. My mother always told me to make it and succeed I had to work twice as hard as everyone else. I had to put everything I had into the things I wanted to do. This election has been very telling and from my standpoint, I will be sure to work harder than anyone else in the room and succeed. 

I fear for the generations to come. What is this election saying to all the young children listening. How are they going to see what everyone is calling history? Will they see how rape and sexual assault accusations will ruin a man’s career? How do we tell them a sexist narcissistic racist got elected? How has someone who has offended all of our allies and became friends with our enemies gotten elected President? 

America has let down it’s own people. America has let down their children, the ones that will inherit this country. America has let down the people who work hard everyday to make a living.  Sexism and racism might as well get verified twitter accounts because according to America it is now validated! This new America will not be great. I will go home after this and pray that these next four years aren’t as hell filled as we see them to be. 

This is a very sad day and I am sadden tremendously. LGBTQ+, POC, women, muslims, immigrants & disabled people, be strong. I am with you. 



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