Being Shameless

When I thought of start this blog I had so many fears. What if I share too much? What if I’m not the writer that I think I am? What if I become too stressed? Is traveling to so many unknown places going to heighten my anxiety? There were so many things I feared would go wrong so I kept pushing it back. “I’ll start it tomorrow,” or “I’ll start in when I have more time”. I started making excuses for myself instead of facing the many fears I have. After a long week of facing fears due to the circumstance I decided it was now or never.

I’m abandoning my fears and embracing who I am. I’m confidently taking this journey to pushing myself to the limits. I feel as if everything that I fear is holding me back, it’s keeping me from doing all the great things that I know I can do. To put myself out there, to be raw in front of the world is terrifying. But maybe that’s what I need to do.

Everyday I want to push my boundaries and limits because the more I push them, the further I’ll go. Once I allow those fear and boundaries to hold me then I’m not going anywhere. Being shameless is something not most people are willing to do. Seeing how I already told my story being shameless from now on doesn’t seem that hard.



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